Front-Load the Value: Creating a Better Experience for First-Time Church Guests

What does your church do well? And how long does it take a first-time guest to experience it?

Many churches take the things we don’t do well and put them at the beginning of the service. That means our church guests have made a yes/no decision about being a part of our congregation when all they’ve seen are the things we’re not that good at.

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2 thoughts on “Front-Load the Value: Creating a Better Experience for First-Time Church Guests”

  1. One of the best things we’ve found about having the worship in music FOLLOW the sermon is that it gives people an opportunity to RESPOND to what they have heard proclaimed. We’ve found that we can often even imagine an emotional “arc” that a congregant may go through in response to the sermon.

    So for instance, after a very convicting sermon, we may follow it with a song of confession (Lord I Need You) that allows us to acknowledge that we have failed to follow God’s design for us, then a song which shows us how Christ has perfectly obeyed on our behalf (Jesus Paid It All), then a song of commitment to follow Christ (Christ Be In My Waking) that allows people to express their reaction to the sermon and move forward in faith in hope.

    Great post!

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