Four Steps to Becoming a Great Church – Of Any Size

steps 1240 x 697Becoming a great church boils down to four very doable steps that can be written in one very short sentence.

Do the basics wholeheartedly and consistently for a long time.

Let’s break that sentence down into its four component parts.

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2 thoughts on “Four Steps to Becoming a Great Church – Of Any Size”

  1. karl a great post, as i read through it i was struck by two things, i need to focus my church more on the basics so we can continue our journey to health, and second, your ideas and sign posts apply to pastors. what is a healthy pastor? you can simply rewrite your keys, to be a healthy pastor, 1) do the basics, care for your soul and build your relationship with God, 2) do them Wholeheartedly 3) don them consistently and 4) do them for a long time. thanks
    great encouragment charley

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