Exponential 2016: Millennials In the Small Church

Ministering to Millennials by Leveraging the Relational Power of Small Churches

Taught by Karl Vaters & Gary Garcia of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Fountain Valley, CA


Premise: Millennials aren’t really a group, like Baby Boomers were, or like we wish they were

Which means: Millennials won’t build the kinds of churches their parent and grandparents built

  • Builders and Boomers took relationships for granted and needed to build structures. Millennials take the structures for granted and need to build relationships.

Result: We have to minister with them as individuals not to them as a demographic group


http://newsmallchurch.com/the-grasshopper-myth/buy-the-book/Some principles behind working with millennials in a small church:


Don’t fight your small size, use it


It’s more about relationships than demographics


Know their names, not just their needs (The G.I.F.T. plan)


One size never did fit all


The “take a number” era of customer service is over


Go analog and digital


Go deeper, not just bigger


Connect them intergenerationally


Worship, work and play with them


Be genuine, not cool


Be real, not just relevant


Allow for hard questions


Listen before you talk


Challenges for the current and future church

  • The way people give is changing
  • The way people commit is changing
  • The way people attend is changing
  • The way people trust is changing
  • Brand loyalty is dead


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