Eight Ways to Deal with Control Freaks in the Small Church

pulling strings

It’s hard to be an anonymous audience member in a small church. But it’s much easier to exert your influence – sometimes in unhealthy ways.

Small pond, meet the big fish.

So what does the small church pastor do when we feel hindered by control freaks? Here are eight principles that have helped our church get past those petty squabbles:

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2 thoughts on “Eight Ways to Deal with Control Freaks in the Small Church”

  1. Karl, great post, in the small church, family systems and understanding that is very important. important in large churches as well, but especially in the small family church.
    i want to disagree with your comment of not using “But I am the Pastor” line. it worked for me as a parent why not as a pastor? LOL
    in small churches control freaks are easier seen than in large churches.

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