I Don’t Like the Same Small Churches You Don’t Like

hate the same things 1240 x 697“I don’t like small churches.”

Yes, people have said that – and things like it – to me.

To tell a small church pastor that you don’t like small churches isn’t just a statement of preference. It’s rude.

But I’ve learned that the root cause behind such arrogance and prejudice is usually a combination of pain and ignorance – so I sympathize a bit. And I’ve come to a very different conclusion about about the dangers of valuing churches according to their size.

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like the Same Small Churches You Don’t Like”

  1. Karl as always a great point of view. Every church is “sick” to one degree or another, because it is made up of and lead by “sick” (sinful, flawed, falling short of the glory of God) people. I love the small church I’m a part of even with it’s “sickness”. Keep up the work of encouraging us in small places!!

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