Dear Andy Stanley, Please Be the Small Church’s Ally, Not Our Enemy

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For over three years I’ve been blogging on the value of small churches. I’ve also written a book about it.

But now Andy Stanley – a guy I like, though we’ve never met – has engaged in some seriously small thinking by using some of the strongest insults I’ve ever heard uttered in a public forum against small churches.

(This post has been updated with Stanley’s apology.)

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6 thoughts on “Dear Andy Stanley, Please Be the Small Church’s Ally, Not Our Enemy”

  1. Christianity is dathering enough black eyes ithout giving them to each other.. I hop both of you take a cold shower and go play golf today. it will create more happiness

    1. You need to click the “Read now” button and read the entire article Harold. Your sentiments are exactly what I express in my full post. Here’s one of my quotes: “Andy, you’re a good man, a brother in Christ and a powerful communicator. I’m on your side. I ask you to be on ours, too.”

  2. And every time I hear a big church pastor say something like that I wonder if he is even aware of the 20% of Americans who live in non-metro areas. Even if he were correct, and he’s not, about the big vs small in metro areas, should we abandon the 20% and decide they’re not worth God’s love and grace because they don’t live in big places. I’m glad he apologized, that was a classy thing to do, but it demonstrates how ingrained the ‘big is good’ mindset has become in American thinking. If I knew how to reach him, I’d invite him to visit our small church in a village of 1000 people where our people are doing the very best they can to minister to children, young people, younger families and older adults because we know that all people, even those in small places, matter to God

  3. As a Pastor and advocate for small Churches (, I think we have to accept the apology. All of us have said things while preaching, we wish we could take back. We have used his small group stuff and 99% of the time, his material is right on target. While I understand his point in the message (benefits of a strong peer group), I think he doesn’t understand the inter-generational impacts of a small church ministry. I also see the irony of big churches focusing on small group ministry, but that is another topic.

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