Church Size Is About Personal Preference, Nothing More

Let’s admit something to ourselves. All the arguments we have over church size are about our personal preferences, nothing more. Apples and oranges.

There is zero evidence to suggest that big or small churches are more biblical or more effective, no matter how much we want to debate it.

Why can’t it be as simple as “you like doing church big, I like doing it small?”

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1 thought on “Church Size Is About Personal Preference, Nothing More”

  1. Doing it smart?

    Doing it like a farmer does it? or a gardener does it? or like a landscaper does it?

    I technically am Catholic. I can say I am a paid Catholic. I used to pay taxes to be in the Catholic church. This is a good way to definitely, simply, obviously and explicitly explain if I am Catholic. sure, I pay taxes in germany which opened the door to me becoming a Sacristan. This was not the plan. Plan was to get a job. I am a landscaper. I was heading back into landscaping and go do church planting when not landscaping.

    I am a sacristan in the Catholic church. I am paid to be Catholic. There has been several moments where I wanted to quit and was heading in that direction. There are many reasons and obviously, financial to why I am still here. I have wished and begged them to fire me. Because at least, I would have automatically my unemployment check and be able to look around for a year to do something else so I can church plant. “whatever that means”: To be honest, I am not running blind. I have a master degree in church planting and evangelism from Liberty University.

    Here I am coming into my 3rd year. I have learned many things about being Catholic which I have figured most of the people who I am with do not really know exactly what it means to be Catholic if there was such a good definition. I also learned many do not exactly know what it means to be a Christian.

    I have thought what have I been doing in this community outside the obvious which was they hired a “evangelical Sacristan”. I do know that most people do not know the bible story, at least, in this church. Looking over the whole landscape of biblical literacy. In the USA, only 5 percent of the population (this is the evangelical mainly who say they love the bible and the lord) have read the bible more than once. Add another 5 percent, they have read the bible once. So we have 10 percent of the USA population who has read the bible in their life.

    I thought what have I been doing. I have been ploughing, turning over, breaking the ground . . . I still have no idea what this area is going to look like. I know I am not going to change the Catholic church. I do know that I may plant some new plants. The garden on the whole will stay the same. What kind of garden am I working in. Where can I take this garden some place else. What kind of other gardens will I be working in.

    Anyways . . . I am starting this year, beginners reading through the bible group. The goal is to get through the story. I have no idea what success will look like. (1)

    (2) There is a house group that meets a few miles from me. They are part of a church in Augsburg. My real goal was to begin planting west of my home village and move in that direction. I am thinking that we could share the work and the harvest. I am praying that I will be accepted into the group. Since I know the church, I am assuming that I will know someone at this house group or house circle (hauskreis).

    My vision is many small groups with many leaders meeting eventually a couple times of the year in a larger group. We could meet at a larger “gathering” put on by some larger group which would cost us nothing. We could enjoy at the large groups expense the concert, speaker, convention whatevers. The other idea is we hit a park in the summer, a large breakfat worship or even a large dinner worship or just a giant barbecue in some free open area. This is a lot of work from a lot of people who grab on the vision. Rome was not built in a day. I sure do not want to build Rome. I work there. I have difficult time figuring them out. I wonder to many times, “Why?” They hate my “Why?”


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