The Church Needs Better Critics (9 Ways to Win Hearts, not Just Arguments)

thumbs down 1240 x 697Criticism is a valuable tool. When it’s done right it can, and has, changed hearts and minds.

Martin Luther did it with his 95 Theses. Martin Luther King Jr. did it with his I Have a Dream speech. Long before both of them, Jesus did it with the Sermon On the Mount.

Criticism done well can be a powerful tool for change in culture, politics and the church. When done poorly, it debases everyone and often hurts the criticizer more the one being criticized.

The church needs better critics.

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2 thoughts on “The Church Needs Better Critics (9 Ways to Win Hearts, not Just Arguments)”

  1. Robert Van House

    As I age, it takes most of the week to prepare for Sunday, and pray that I am on the right track. Having to preach to a tiny group of Christians each Sunday is at least as daunting for me as when I used to preach to hundreds. I am astonished with your sharing so many good thoughts week after week. Keep it up, for the sake of the rest of us.

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