Bringing Innovative Strategies to an Established Small Church

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Why bother trying to resurrect an old, dying church? I’ve heard that question a lot.

There was a time when it seemed like every pastor I went to bible college with was following church growth principles and starting new churches. In a few years they were buying land to accommodate the growing crowds.

But I was sitting in a pre-existing small church, nurturing it along through the beginning, challenging stages of a turnaround.

It’s a long, hard road from dying, introverted and tired, to healthy, outward-looking and innovative.

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2 thoughts on “Bringing Innovative Strategies to an Established Small Church”

  1. Karl
    excellent post. Planting a new church is hard and has many pitfalls, but so does caring for a flock of sheep that have a deep history. We need both young sheep and old sheep, young shepherds and older shepherds. I also like your emphasis on what is your calling. This i believe is important as we look to ministry. until i moved to the retreat ministry, i always felt my call was to small country churches. And i am still a simple country preacher in many ways.
    keep up the good words for pastors of small churches and in your own ministry.

  2. Great post Karl! I especially like 2 things– the distinction & decision between the first & present church… “It wasn’t my church to change.” First, it’s always the Lord’s church and ministry, as you said & second, we need to discern what the Lord sets before us to do.

    I also appreciate point #3, although #2 is good too. When I moved to the Philippines & turned over the church to another senior pastor, I let him choose his own assistant pastor, which the ministry needed. I’ve also had this mindset as a missionary. Who gives a rip who I am & why should that matter! If what I do is fruitful and lasts beyond my involvement, or life, then I’ve done well.

    Again, great stuff… keep it rolling!

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