Are We More Invested In Bringing People to Church? Or to Jesus?

Changed Priorities 1240 x 697I have a confession to make.

As a pastor, I have too much invested in getting people to attend church.

My salary depends on it.
My reputation depends on it.
My sense of self-worth depends on it.

All to a much larger degree and I’m comfortable with.

And I’m not alone.

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2 thoughts on “Are We More Invested In Bringing People to Church? Or to Jesus?”

  1. Wow! Wow! That took a lot of courage. Many men who wear your title may choose to not respect you anymore because you are questioning the system. You have just demonstrated a new level of freedom from people pleasing. That took a lot of “testing” and “examining” of the system that has been handed down to you. You are on the right track. There is a great way to “get your bills paid” modeled and explained in great detail by Paul, and with great passion. No one who get’s paid by their students will talk about it with any exegetical diligence. I had no idea they were in the Bible, but I do now.

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