Adapt Or Die: Six Steps To Start Becoming an Innovative Church

Adapt or die 1240 x 697

Adapt or die.

The longer I spend in pastoral ministry, the more convinced I am of that truth. Especially in small churches.

The good news is, because of our size, small churches have the ability to adapt more quickly than our larger counterparts. Like steering a speedboat instead of an ocean liner.

Sadly though, that’s not our reputation.

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2 thoughts on “Adapt Or Die: Six Steps To Start Becoming an Innovative Church”

  1. Hi, I haven’t yet read this article, but I know it will be good, as all of the articles you have written are. However I have been a subscriber to your blog and since the shift to Christianity Today Magazine (which is to be applauded) the email notifications take extra clicks to get to the whole article. You need to click on the read more in the email, … expect to read the whole article then, but then need to click on the “read more” in newsmallchurch. As a lot of time I am accessing this on my phone, it takes even longer to load and adjust than on the desktop. My main issue is that from the email it goes to the small church blog, but gives no additional reading than was on the teaser email. So it would be better to have the email go direct to Christianity Today? But then if you want to comment? It seems to be that I need to go back to Small Church website to do so?

    The extra steps do disrupt the reading experience, and the text section width in Christianity Today means more pages of scrolling to read the whole article. Yes I have been a subscriber of CT for a long time before your blog was a regular feature. I seem to now get notifications from both on the same article (so doubles up on my email), but find the Small Church blog better for commenting on (and don’t need to log in each time) and the formatting inconsistent between the two when reading on from each which can disrupt the flow.

    Any suggestions for a better experience? Should I unsubscribe from one, or the other, or is there a way to modify my subscriber preferences to suit?

    Sorry for the negative feedback. The content is great.

    1. Hi Lia. I’m aware of this problem. And it’s been complicated by the fact that CT had to drop the ability to comment on their site, making it necessary to come back here to comment.

      I’m writing a post for next at to ask readers for their best ideas to resolve this issue. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

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