8 Arguments Against Social Media – And Why Pastors Must Use It Anyway

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If you’re a pastor and you’re not using social media, you’re not pastoring your church as well as you could.

Whenever I say that in a minister’s conference I make some pastors mad.

I’m okay with that. Because I also get looks of relief and whispers of “thank you” from staff members and volunteers. They’ve exhausted themselves trying to convince their lead pastors to get on social media, so they’re grateful when an old coot like me backs them up.

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1 thought on “8 Arguments Against Social Media – And Why Pastors Must Use It Anyway”

  1. A ninth reason: I supervise my church’s Facebook account and profile. We “friend” everyone who wishes to be “friends” with the church, ’cause we want to get our message out.

    But this means whenever I sign in to the church’s account, I make a point of going directly to the church’s page, and NOT the News Feed. Never the News Feed. Because, unlike my own account, where I can be selective about my “friends,” I see everyone who befriended the church—and many of them are utter pagans. Act Christian at church; act the fool on Facebook.

    If I were a pastor, doing this with my personal account (as so many do) I’d never want to visit, lest my senses be regularly bludgeoned by this godlessness. And you might notice a lot of pastors who like to preach to their social media audiences tend to preach in response to their horror: Lots of condemnation of sin. Lots of despair at the direction of our nation and world.

    That is, unless they have someone like me who does all their posting for them.

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