5 Reasons to Stop Making Your Sermon Notes Rhyme

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Recently, I was doing a session with pastors on how to preach better sermons for today’s congregations. When I advised them to stop making their sermon notes rhyme, something in the room shifted.

The older pastors recoiled in horror at the idea. But the younger pastors became like bobble-heads nodding up and down. So I paused to point out the difference.

“Am I right on this one?” I asked the young leaders. Their nodding increased. So I went on, supported by my bobble-head choir of young leaders, to explain why I no longer make my sermon notes rhyme or alliterate.

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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Stop Making Your Sermon Notes Rhyme”

  1. Really? Who does that? Why would you spend a bunch of time twisting the message around so something rhymed, when you might not even use it when speaking (unless you are a slave to the manuscript). I never encountered this in any preaching class I took.

    1. A lot of people do, George. Know Grow & Go. Purpose, Power, Praise & Passion. G.R.A.C.E. (God’s image, Ruined by sin, Awareness of sin, Confess your sin, Enter his grace). And so on. It’s still big among a lot of old-school preachers.

    2. That was my first question as well. Then I realized a lot of people do, mostly my age and older, and, it seems, mostly from the south and more conservative branches. Also it’s marketing.

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  3. Guilty! I am 66-years-old and have been preaching for 38 years. I grew up listening to alliterated textual sermons and then later as a pastor adopted the same method. Attention was always given to insure that the method did not alter what God was conveying through the text. However, three years ago I forced myself to transition from an alliteration style of preaching to that of using whatever number of points necessary for communicating/applying a particular Bible text…or topic. My transition was motivated in large part due to prompting/instruction from Erwin Lutzer during a pastor seminar he hosted here in Maine…about three years ago.

    NOTE: It has been a painful process…but with therapy I am confident I’ll make a full transition. 🙂

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