11 Ways to Protect Your Spirit from the Demands of Pastoral Ministry

hand shadow 1240 x 697Whether our churches are growing, static, sick, healthy, big, small or any combination of those, Pastoral ministry is increasingly seen as a detriment to our spiritual and emotional health.

But it doesn’t have to be this way as long as we live by this essential principle: Healthy pastors always match their output with an equal amount of input. Spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Here are 11 principles will help any pastor receive enough input to match your output:

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1 thought on “11 Ways to Protect Your Spirit from the Demands of Pastoral Ministry”

  1. I love this post. I have a question, and maybe this is something you can write a post about. But how, as a pastor, do you turn off the switch that leads you to look at the Bible as “sermon fodder”? I agree with what you are saying because I think most people are wired like that. But I think some people are wired a bit differently, For example: For me preaching is less about crafting a message as much as it is about learning one. I get great ideas from my readings of scripture, but most often what happens is that it sticks in me first…it causes some disruption in me and I work to internalize those truths so that I can externalize them…then, well then I just want to share. Maybe I am naive a bit on this because I went through a great period of struggle in my faith, that now i enjoy the Bible more individually AND God has blessed me with a forum to share. But I can see a time when that faucet may turn off, when it may become a chore…so how does one continue to, or start reading the Bible devotionally when there is a “responsibility” to produce content every week?

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