11 Ways to Be the Church for Those Who Don’t Go to Church

sitting alone 1240 x 697The biggest roadblock to evangelism today may be as simple and as sad as this: we don’t know our neighbors like we used to.

This is a crucial problem, because there’s one reason above all others that opens people up to the gospel. People become willing to consider Jesus when they like and trust the Christians they know.

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5 thoughts on “11 Ways to Be the Church for Those Who Don’t Go to Church”

  1. This is a coast to coast, every brand name included problem. It seems to me the cause is a part of the system of what all these churches do and prioritize. What common practices leaves most believers prayer-minimized, shallow and conditional relationally, quick game oriented, and so on. Believers are being told to do the 11 points you listed. There is a barrier to practicing it. No one is intentionally practicing self-centeredness, but it persists. Pulling up the roots of these problems will involve some pain.

  2. great post Karl, we sometimes make ‘evangelism’ to difficult, but being for our friends and neighbors is a simple beginning. not only do people in our communities know no Christians, I suspect a lot of Christians don’t know their neighbors!

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