100 Days of New Small Church: Wows, Hows & What Nows?

New Small Church logo101 days ago I was a Small Church pastor minding my own business in my own church. And I was quite happy to keep doing that.

Then I started New Small Church.

For the last 100 days I’ve been writing posts, receiving comments, getting great feedback and planting the seeds for a greater sense of community than I thought could exist online.

I’ve learned a lot about Small Churches and the people who lead them in the last 2400 hours.

Here’s some of what I’ve discovered.

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There Are a Lot of Great Ideas Floating Around

When I started blogging, I had tons of ideas stored up from years of pastoring. Some were leftover thoughts that didn’t fit into The Grasshopper Myth. Others were questions, challenges, lessons, frustrations and inspirations that had been building up for a decade or more. All together, I had ideas for about 100 blog posts.

To date I’ve written 71 posts. I expected to have about 30 left on the list by now. But I still have about 100 ideas lined up. It seems like every post I write reminds me of a new idea. Comments from readers and other Small Church blog posts have inspired even more.

So there’s no worry about running out of ideas any time soon. We still have a lot to talk about.


Small Church Pastors are Great People

I suspected as much.

Now, having been introduced to many of you, it’s been confirmed. The future of Small Churches is in the hands of some very wonderful, passionate, capable leaders.


Small Church Pastors Need Each Other

There’s a hunger out there for connection. Too many Small Church pastors labor alone. And that isolation is hurting us and our churches.

The responses to this website have hinted at how deeply we need to connect with people who have shared a journey similar to ours. We need to feel validated, encouraged, supported and challenged.

And there’s no better place to get that support than from each other.

Our new Nametag Wall and the still-to-come New Small Church Discussion Forum are simple tools to help build a sense of identity and community.


There Are More Resources Than I Realized

In the preface to The Grasshopper Myth, I told you I wrote my book because I looked, but couldn’t find, a book like it. I still don’t think there’s another book like it. But since putting myself out there like this, I’ve heard about many other resources I didn’t even know existed for Small Church pastors.

I’m assembling a list of these resources, and will soon introduce them on a menu item called “Stuff We Like” (or something like that).

It will be a clearinghouse of great resources for Small Church leaders. Books, coaches, blogs, you name it.

We aren’t competitors. It’s time to become partners.


We Need a Lot More Resources

Although I keep finding new resources, it’s still very obvious that there isn’t nearly enough good stuff available for Small Churches. We especially need more help to understand how leading a Small Church is different than leading a big church.

The need is mind-boggling. I hope what I’m doing here can inspire others to step up with their own wisdom and experiences to help us all.


There’s a Lot of Pain Out There

For too many years, Small Church pastors have been laboring under the burden that we haven’t been performing up to some arbitrary standard, simply because our churches are small. That burden has become unbearable for many, causing them to leave the ministry entirely. Others are right on the edge as you read this.

When I wrote “The 11th Reason Pastors Quit Too Soon” I hit a raw nerve with many readers. It stirred up some of that pain. But it offered some hope, too. That’s probably why it gets read and re-read on a more regular basis than any other post, so far.


There’s a Lot of Joy Out There

People really love their churches.

Some of the most passionate responses I’ve received haven’t been when I’ve raised the problems of Small Churches, but when I’ve celebrated the joys of them.

It’s especially great to hear that the people who attend our churches love their church and love their pastors, too.


There’s a Lot of Hope Out There

My most-read post so far is about the hopefulness I have for the future of Small Churches.

There’s a growing sense that we may be on to something very special as we start to recognize and celebrate the joys, community and power of Small Churches.


More to Come…

A lot has happened in the last 100 days. And there’s a lot more to come.

But I do have one lingering question. If 100 years are called a century, what are 100 days called?

I call them “just getting started”.


So what do you think? Do you have any ideas for the next 100 days of New Small Church? I’d love to hear them.

We want to hear from you. Yes, you!
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7 thoughts on “100 Days of New Small Church: Wows, Hows & What Nows?”

  1. Scott, Dave & Mike,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Getting to know you guys (even if it’s just online so far, for two of you) is one of the greatest blessings I’ve received in the last 100 days.

  2. My pastor is awesome.
    Miss ya!
    Keeping up on these blogs while at hillsong keeps my perspective in a healthy place.
    Love my small church
    Much love from Sydney Australia

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